GET THE PRICE RIGHT: From the start!

From the start! 
Part 1

    When selling, getting the right list price for your home is critical.  If you or your agent gets it right, your home will sell for maximum value, and least days on market; saving you time and money.

    Get it wrong, and one of two things will happen: First, get it wrong on the low end, and a tsunami of offers will arrive after listing goes live.  Sometimes a bidding war is desirable outcome in a hot market; other times its just the wrong price. I know a seller who got 18 offers in one day, and thought “Wow” this is great, but there wasn’t the price boost expected from multiple bidders.  If the agent got the right price point from the beginning, they would have made more money and saved a lot of time dealing with offers.

    The second possible outcome when the price is wrong, is that few, if anyone looks at your property.  Maybe some lookers at the beginning, but no offers; tire kickers only. Your house will likely fall into the dreaded WITHDRAWN / EXPIRED (W/E) category.  Worse yet, get the price point too high, and it won't appraise by the bank anyway- someone will have to come up with the cash.  In 87% of these cases, the deal falls through.

Next up: GET THE PRICE RIGHT: Part 2
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