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Image There was a time when custom luxury homes proved their bona fides with lavish home theaters—typically found in the basement and outfitted with forward-facing seats, fabric walls for soundproofing, a projector for cinema-style viewing and maybe a “Godfather” or “Batman” poster to round out the theme.   Today, homeowners are coming out of the dungeon. Home theaters are increasingly being replaced with multi-function media rooms—lounge-style spaces located in or near the main living areas. Here cozy couches, tables and chairs are arranged to facilitate TV and movie watching, as well as game night, cocktails, homework and hanging out. And all that A/V equipment? It’s nearly invisible. See article for remainder of content...

High Real Estate Demand in South Carolina in 2018: Bodes Well for 2019 Real Estate Sales

High Real Estate Demand in South Carolina in 2018     Bodes Well for 2019 Real Estate Sales        South Carolina (SC) had the highest influx of people moving in 2018; more than than any other eastern state. North Carolina came in a close second, with Florida lagging in third place. High demand is good news for SC and the real estate market.      Noteworthy, from the map above is that there’s exodus from the Northeast (New York leading the way, then New Jersey and Massachusetts), and California on the west coast. Surrounding western states, such as Oregon, Nevada and Arizona gained more inbound people moving in 2018.       These trends are important in the real estate market and can help predict home sales and prices trends in 2019. The graph below confirms the general home sale trend of more people moving to the southeast, but the map above is more specific and shows that SC is the state accounting fo